KOMINEX Garnet Sand Precision, 200 & 220 Mesh

Blue Line


For water jet cutting and sand blasting


Price is per 1.000 kg.

Garnet sand is a naturally occurring reddish mineral. This material is almandine garnet, which is chemically inert and non metallic. Due to its perfect combination of hardness and thoughness, garnet sand is the preferred raw material for varius abrasive applications. It is free of iron and does not contain any soluble or dusty components. In addition, it can be used as a component for water filters.

Spec. gravity: 4,1 - 4,25 g/cm³ 
Hardness: 7,5 - 8 (Mohs) 
Fusion point: 1315 °C 
Bulk density: 2,0 - 2,5 g/cm³ 

Chemische Analysis (typical): 
Al2O3: 22,00%
SiO2: 35,00%
Fe2O3: 34,00%
CaO: 2,00%
MgO: 5,00%
TiO2: 2,00%

0,1 - 0,25 mm
0,06 - 0,1 mm

Other sizes on request


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