CNC Rørbukkemaskine & Profilbukkemaskine med dorn SPBCNC65

Green Line


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Technical/Mechanical description

- 7" Colour Schneider touchscreen display 
- Memory capacity: 100 programs
- 16 different bending angles/program
- Foot pedal control
- Hydraulic Clamping Movement (Jaw squeezing)
- Hydraulic slider movement (supports tube while bending)

For further information, download the product sheet HERE

Max. Pipe Diameter (mm) 65
Max. Wall Thicknes (mm) 3,5
Max. Bending Radius (mm) 250
Max. Length of Part (mm) 2800
Max. Bending Angle (°) 190
Bending Speed  Adjustable
Bending accuracy (degree) ± 0,01
Bending Power (kW) 7.5
Electric Power 380 Volt -3 phase
Hydraulic Power (kW) 4
W x L x H (mm) 1300 x 5570 x 1550
Weight (kg) 1900


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