Herburger SPALT PROFI 1250 TS Splitting machine

Blue Line
SKU: 3560HE1250TS


Compact splitting machine for sheet metal cutting. For facades and roofs.

Sheet thickness, for all standard roofing qualities:
 1.25 mm

Zinc: 1.50 mm
Stainless steel: 0.80 mm
Copper: 1.50 mm
Aluminum: 1.50 mm

Dimensions: Length: 1.800 mm., width: 1.600 mm., height: 1.400 mm
Weight: 1.300 kg
Sheet width: 1.250 mm
Cutting performance: Longitudinal Standard 4 pairs of knives, max. 1.50 mm power steel 400N/mm². With integrated electric guillotine for cutting. Manual or automatic adjustment
Control: ELGO87
Power consumption: 380V / 16 Ampere


- Integrated material lift (manual and automatic)
- Electrically adjustable splitting knife 
- Number of splitting knifes can be expanded
- Reinforced blade shafts for 1.5 mm steel
- Sheet width up to 1.500 mm
- Siemens touch screen
- Adjustable operator panel (arm)
- Motorized adjustment
- Waste optimization


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