Hydraulisk Kantpresser OMERA OPI.T Composite

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OPI.M-1200 (composite)

- Nominel kraft op til 30.000 kN.
- Maks. bordmål: 5.000 x 3.000 mm.
- Maks. Slaglængde: 2.000 mm.

OMERA Hydraulic presses are based on advanced technology, and widely used in different industrial sectors involving sheet metal working.

Can easily be customized according to specific requirements.

Typically employed in the production of bottom ends for:
- Water heaters and tanks
- Domestic appliances
- Drinks containers
- Household articles
- Pressurised containers
- Gas cylinders
- Fire extinguishers
- Automotive parts

Download datablad for OMERA Hydraulisk Presse OPI.C C-Frame her
Download datablad for OMERA Hydraulisk Presse OPI.M Monolithic her
Download datablad for OMERA Hydraulisk Presse OPI.T Composite her


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