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The full range of reducers, couplings, and bends can be equipped with the self-sealed system

The Shaper stands out with the efficiency to mount gaskets in a fast and accurate fashion on fittings. The focus on a smaller diameter range (100 – 500 mm) results in a high output volume combined with consistency due to the precise machine set-up.

Moreover, the Shaper can produce a rolled edge on non-gasket products. In addition, the machine handles any type of fittings (e.g. saddle, bends, T-pieces). Also, to optimize the leakage tightness, implemented 5 different widths of rubber gaskets, covering the entire dimension range.


Technical data

Diameter Range: 100 – 500 mm (4”- 20”)

Material Thickness: 0.5 - 0.9 mm (0.020”- 0.035”) for galvanized steel, and 0.5 - 0.8 mm (0.020”- 0.031”) for stainless steel

Power Supply: 400V / 50Hz / 3 Phases (other voltage on request)

Pneumatic Connection: 400V / 50Hz / 3 Phases (other voltages on request)

Maximum Output: 4-6 pcs/min. of 2-gasket fittings (Ø160 mm)


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